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CA. Bill SB 970 was written by AI Developer and Tech Entrepreneur Josh Bocanegra and introduced to the Senate Committee by Senator Angelique Ashby (D-Sacramento)

LOS ANGELES, CA., APRIL 10, 2024 – On April 9th, 2024 California Senate Committee unanimously passed SB 970 in an 11-0 vote. SB 970 establishes a legal framework for regulating artificial intelligence voice, image, and video cloning technology. This bill strikes a balanced approach between regulating rapidly advancing artificial intelligence technologies and allowing continued innovation in the sector while protecting consumers across California at the same time.

Josh Bocanegra, Founder and CEO of Persona Technologies and former Candidate for U.S. Congress CA-30 for 2024, provided testimony to the Senate Committee in Sacramento, CA., on April 9th, 2024 of the bill that was presented by Senator Angelique Ashby (D-Sacramento).

Bocanegra has developed award-winning artificial intelligence products in the entertainment industry for major artists like Katy Perry and Rhianna, as well as AI voice assistance to help students read, a chatbot that helps consumers identify toxic chemicals in beauty products, and an AI that uses the principals of cognitive behavior therapy to help users improve their mental health. Over a decade of developing AI-driven products has shown him the positive impacts on society but has also brought forward the potential cause for harm. 

SB 970 confronts these issues head-on with the following:

(1) Existing law prohibits the false impersonation of another person in either their personal or official capacity with the intent to steal or defraud, as specified.

This bill would define various terms related to artificial intelligence and synthetic voice, video, and image recordings produced by artificial intelligence, and would clarify that use of such synthetic recordings, as specified, is deemed to be a false personation for purposes of these and other criminal provisions.

(2) Existing law creates a civil cause of action against any person who knowingly uses the name, voice, signature, photograph, or likeness of another person, without their consent, for specified purposes.

This bill would clarify that, for purposes of this cause of action, a synthetic voice or likeness that a reasonable person would believe to be a genuine voice or likeness is deemed to be the voice or likeness of the person depicted.

(3) Existing law governs the admissibility of evidence in court proceedings. Existing law prescribes procedures for the authentication of photographs and audio and video recordings.

This bill would require the Judicial Council to develop and implement screening procedures for these types of records that are introduced as evidence, to identify those that are synthetic. The bill would also require the council to develop and promulgate educational materials to assist in the identification of evidence that has been tampered with by means of artificial intelligence.

(4) Existing law establishes the Department of Consumer Affairs within the Business, Consumer Services, and Housing Agency to protect and promote the interests of consumers. Existing law places certain requirements on various specified businesses, including household movers, tanning facilities, video arcades, and tax preparers.

This bill would require any person or entity that sells or provides access to any artificial intelligence technology that is designed to create synthetic images, video, or voice to provide a consumer warning that misuse of the technology may result in civil or criminal liability for the user. The bill would require the Department of Consumer Affairs to specify the form and content of the consumer warning and would impose a civil penalty for violations of the requirement.

SB 970 Bill linked HERE

Josh Bocanegra’s testimony on SB 970 to the Senate Committee linked HERE

About Josh Bocanegra

Josh Bocanegra is a proud father, entrepreneur, and founder of Persona, where he develops award-winning technologies for some of the most influential brands in the world. Over the past decade, Josh, committed to uplifting the next generation, has mentored hundreds of young people across various domains. He has offered his expertise free of charge, spending years filling gaps in our educational system, one life at a time. Today, Josh recognizes the profound influence of government policies on people's lives and has chosen to tackle the political system's dysfunction by running for U.S. Congress in the  March 5th, 2024 primary election. For more information, please visit:

About Senator Angelique V. Ashby

Senator Angelique V. Ashby represents Sacramento County. She is the first woman elected to represent the metropolitan area of Sacramento in the State Senate in more than 20 years, and only the second woman ever in the seat. She was elected to the Sacramento City Council in 2010 and was the sole woman for more than half of her 12 year tenure, and the only member in city history to serve as Vice Mayor or Mayor pro Tem for 8 years. She is a graduate of the University of Pacific’s, McGeorge School of Law, and earned her baccalaureate at the University of California at Davis. She and her husband Zac have three children and live in the City of Sacramento.

For any additional information or to schedule an interview, please contact:

Priscilla Vento | 30 Miles North PR | 310.593.3988 |


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