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Los Angeles


I moved to Los Angeles with no family, no friends, and just $300 in my pocket. 

To me, California was the land of opportunities and I believed that if I could figure out how to achieve success, it would change the course of my family's history forever.

Now, I'm running for Congress to make the California dream possible for all.

- Josh 

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An Affordable Place To Live

Families and young people are spending more than half their income on housing.

Many are forced to endure long commutes to work because they can't afford to live nearby. This is unacceptable.

As your representative, I will support:

  • Increasing the supply of housing: We must increase the number of affordable homes to meet the demand and ensure that everyone can access affordable housing. We can start with new public-private partnerships. 

  • Implementing policies that make it easier to build new housing: We need to address the bureaucratic hurdles that make it difficult to build new housing. This can be achieved by creating policies that make it easier for developers to build new homes.

  • Providing financial assistance to low-income individuals and families: Many low-income individuals and families cannot afford to buy or rent a home. We need to provide financial assistance to help them find affordable housing. 


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Reducing Crime and Gun Violence

To reduce crime and improve safety in our communities, we need to address the root causes of crime, push for gun safety laws, and invest in new technological solutions.

As your representative, I will support:

  • Addressing the root causes: We can reduce crime by providing affordable housing, mental health services, drug treatment programs and preserving our social safety net.

  • Implementing gun safety laws: We can reduce gun violence with universal background checks, red flag laws, and by banning military-style weapons and high-capacity magazines.

  • Investing in new technology: We must invest in innovations like biometric guns with fingerprint recognition, gunshot detection systems, crime prediction algorithms and advanced body cam technology.

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Better Education For The Next Generation

The United States is facing fierce competition from other countries in a world that is about to enter a second technological revolution.


To succeed in modern society, we need to better educate students and advance their skills.


American students are falling behind their peers in other countries in reading, math, and science proficiency scores.


Many Americans lack a basic understanding of economic and financial concepts, leading to lifelong debt and poor financial habits. 


In addition, there is a mental health crisis among students, which makes personal development education and access to mental health service more critical than ever before.


As your representative, I will support:

  • Curriculum reform: We must strive for curriculum reform that includes STEM, financial literacy, and personal development as graduation requirements. This will equip students with the skills they need to succeed in modern society and ensure that they are prepared for the workforce.

  • Support for innovative schools: Congress must authorize and fund legislation to support innovative schools that are at the forefront of education reform. We must also incentivize entrepreneurs to start new schools that incorporate the latest educational technology and practices. 

  • School freedom: Parents must have the ability to send their kids to whichever school they choose without the financial burden of tuition costs. This will give parents more control over their children's education and ensure that students are receiving the best possible education.


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Combating The Climate Crisis

We are in an undeniable climate crisis.

Failure to act will lead to a lack of water in many parts of the country, submerged shores, and infertile land for farming.

As your representative, I will support:

  • Investing in renewable energy: We need to continue to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. The more we use clean energy, the cheaper and more accessible it becomes.

  • Generating job opportunities: Investing in renewable energy will not only help protect the environment but also generate numerous job opportunities.

  • Improving renewable energy infrastructure: We must work on building the necessary transmission lines for wind and solar power.

  • Providing support for green energy initiatives: We need to increase tax credits and research funding.

  • Involving rural communities and farmers: We must involve rural communities and farmers in the transition to clean energy to ensure that everyone benefits.


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Protecting and Elevating Women

A woman's right to choose is a fundamental human right that is essential for their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


Despite the importance of this right, reproductive rights are under threat, and women face various challenges, including unequal pay, limited access to capital for female entrepreneurs, and the need for paid family and menstrual leave.


As your representative, I will support:


  • Codifying Roe into federal law: Congress must take action to protect the right to choose by codifying it into federal law.

  • Fighting for equal pay in the workplace: We must address the gender pay gap by fighting for equal pay in the workplace, which is essential for women's economic empowerment.

  • Supporting female entrepreneurs: Women must have access to capital to start and grow their businesses, and we need policies that support female entrepreneurs and encourage economic growth.

  • Providing paid family leave: We must create policies that support a healthy work/life balance by providing mandatory paid-family-leave to support working mothers.

  • Providing paid menstrual leave: We must provide employees with additional support and flexibility during their menstrual cycle, which can sometimes be accompanied by physical discomfort and pain that can interfere with work performance.


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A Smarter Tax System

Our government needs taxpayers to fund essential programs and services but high taxes have become a burden to Californians for far too long.

As your representative, I will support:​

  • Generating new revenue: We can lower sales and property taxes while introducing new taxes that won't burden working families. These taxes can include a luxury tax, an automation tax, a carbon tax, and a value added tax. All of which will bring in billions per year for education, healthcare and more.

  • Cutting government waste: Let's eliminate waste and inefficiencies in government programs. By conducting regular reviews and audits, we can identify areas where money is being spent unnecessarily and cut these expenses.

  • Forming new partnerships: Let's partner with private companies to fund and deliver programs. Private companies can provide funding, expertise, and resources, while the government provides oversight and guidance.

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Fixing Our Broken Immigration System

The US immigration system is broken and benefits only those who profit from its dysfunction.


More than 11 million undocumented immigrants are living in the United States. They need a path to citizenship and access to the American dream.


As your representative, I will support:


  • Bringing undocumented immigrants out of the shadows: We must provide a path to citizenship for the more than 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States. This will offer them the full measure of the American dream and benefit society as a whole.

  • Secure the border: We must address the concerns of those who call for border security by ensuring that the border is secure. This is necessary to enforce the laws and make sure that the immigration system works for all.

  • Enforce the laws: We need a functional system that can be enforced. A functional system will make it easier to solve the problem, and the laws can be enforced without bias or prejudice.

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Simplifying Healthcare

Healthcare is a basic human right that should be guaranteed to all individuals, regardless of their income or employment status.


The current healthcare system in the United States is unsustainable. This is reflected in the high cost of healthcare, the millions of uninsured or underinsured individuals, and the growing disparity in healthcare outcomes between different socioeconomic groups.

To address the issues with the current healthcare system, we need a solution that is affordable, accessible, and works for everyone. I advocate for a single-payer system, such as Medicare for all.


As your representative, I will support:

  • Simplifying the healthcare system: Through a single-payer system, we can reduce administrative costs, allowing for greater negotiation with healthcare providers, and bring down costs.

  • Reducing financial barriers to healthcare: Through a single-payer system, we can ensure that everyone has access to necessary medical treatment.

  • Improving health outcomes: A single-payer system would reduce the disparity in healthcare outcomes between different socioeconomic groups.

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Promoting Civil Rights For All

As a society, we must preserve legal and constitutional protections that prevent discrimination based on race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and disability.

Despite these protections, marginalized and disadvantaged groups still face discrimination and prejudice. Ensuring that everyone has access to the same rights and opportunities is crucial for creating a fair and just society.

As your representative, I will support:

  • Policies and laws that promote equality: We need to protect the rights of marginalized and disadvantaged groups and ensure that everyone has access to the same rights and opportunities.

  • Combatting discrimination and prejudice: We must promote understanding and respect among different groups and create a society where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

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