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A Statewide California UBI

We stand on the precipice of a technological revolution that will usher in a new era of unprecedented opportunities and daunting challenges.


The rise of AI and automation promises transformative innovations, yet also harbors the potential for widespread job displacement, economic instability, and deepening social disparities.


To address this, I present a plan for a statewide California Universal Basic Income (UBI), that guarantees $1,000 per month for every adult over the age of 18.

This UBI will be primarily funded through a Land Value Tax (LVT). A LVT is a levy imposed on the value of land rather than the structures or buildings on it. It aims to capture the economic benefit derived from the location and value of the land.

I propose UBI for the following reasons, underpinned by recent studies and pilot programs in California:

  • Economic Security: UBI provides a financial safety net for all Californians. This buffer protects against job market uncertainties amplified by automation and AI, and grants the liberty to adapt, retrain, or venture into new paths without the dread of financial insecurity. 

  • Fostering Entrepreneurship: UBI encourages risk-taking and innovation. With this safety net, Californians can invest in entrepreneurial endeavors, stimulating economic growth and job creation. 

  • Alleviating Poverty: UBI directly tackles poverty, providing a stable income that could notably reduce homelessness, food insecurity, and other socioeconomic issues in California. 

  • Promoting Well-being: By easing financial stress and ensuring access to basic needs, the UBI contributes to healthier, happier populations, leading to increased societal productivity and reduced healthcare costs. The Stockton study showed "statistically significant improvements" in emotional health among the participants​.

In the sections below, I will delve into how UBI can positively impact different areas of society.

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Better Education For The Next Generation

The United States is facing fierce competition from other countries in a world that is about to enter a second technological revolution.


To succeed in modern society, we need to better educate students and advance their skills.


American students are falling behind their peers in other countries in reading, math, and science proficiency scores.


Many Americans lack a basic understanding of economic and financial concepts, leading to lifelong debt and poor financial habits. 


In addition, there is a mental health crisis among students, which makes personal development education and access to mental health service more critical than ever before.


As your representative, I will support:

  • Curriculum reform: We must strive for curriculum reform that includes STEM, financial literacy, and personal development as graduation requirements. This will equip students with the skills they need to succeed in modern society and ensure that they are prepared for the workforce.

  • Support for innovative schools: Congress must authorize and fund legislation to support innovative schools that are at the forefront of education reform. We must also incentivize entrepreneurs to start new schools that incorporate the latest educational technology and practices. 

  • Expanding Access: Parents should have the freedom to choose the school that best suits their children's needs without being hindered by prohibitive tuition costs. This freedom will give parents greater influence over their children's education and ensure students receive the best education possible. UBI could play a crucial role in making this a reality, providing the financial flexibility families need to make the best educational choices for their children.


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An Affordable Place To Live

Families and young people are spending more than half their income on housing.

Many are forced to endure long commutes to work because they can't afford to live nearby. This is unacceptable.


As your representative, I will support:

  • Boosting the housing supply: It is vital to amplify the availability of affordable homes to satisfy the burgeoning demand and guarantee accessible housing for all. A promising starting point would be the fostering of innovative public-private partnerships.

  • Streamlining the process of housing construction: The red tape often associated with the construction of new homes needs to be addressed. By formulating policies that facilitate the process for developers to build new residences, we can effectively tackle this issue.

  • Providing financial assistance: The introduction of UBI will provide much-needed financial support to individuals and families by enabling them to afford housing costs.


Furthermore, I propose to consider the implementation of a Land Value Tax (LVT). By taxing the unimproved value of land, we could encourage the more efficient use of land, potentially increasing the supply of housing and thereby reducing the cost of rent. This two-pronged approach of UBI and LVT could be instrumental in making housing more affordable for everyone.

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Reducing Crime and Gun Violence

To reduce crime and improve safety in our communities, we need to address the root causes of crime, push for gun safety laws, and invest in new technological solutions. 

UBI can provide a reliable source of income to individuals in vulnerable situations, reducing the financial stress that often leads to crime. It can also provide a means for individuals to access essential services, such as mental health and addiction treatment, that they might otherwise be unable to afford.

As your representative, I will support:

  • Addressing the root causes: By ensuring access to affordable housing, mental health services, drug treatment programs, and strengthening our social safety net, we can make significant strides in crime reduction. 

  • Instituting robust gun safety laws: Reducing gun violence is possible through universal background checks, the implementation of red flag laws, and prohibiting military-style weapons and high-capacity magazines. 

  • Investing in innovative technology: We must invest in innovations like biometric guns with fingerprint recognition, gunshot detection systems, crime prediction algorithms and advanced body cam technology.

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Protecting and Elevating Women

A woman's right to choose is a fundamental human right that is essential for their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 


Despite the importance of this right, reproductive rights are under threat, and women face various challenges, including unequal pay, limited access to capital for female entrepreneurs, and the need for paid family and menstrual leave.


As your representative, I will support:


  • Codifying Roe into federal law: Congress must take action to protect the right to choose by codifying it into federal law. With Universal Basic Income (UBI), women could have greater financial security, enabling them to access necessary healthcare services, including those related to reproductive health, without the fear of economic fallout.

  • Fighting for equal pay in the workplace: We must tackle the gender pay gap and fight for equal pay in the workplace, which is a significant part of women's economic empowerment. UBI can act as a safety net, making women less vulnerable to wage discrimination and providing a steady source of income while the fight for wage equality continues.

  • Supporting female entrepreneurs: Women should have the ability to access capital to kick-start and expand their businesses. UBI could serve as a form of seed funding, helping women overcome financial barriers to entrepreneurship, thus fostering innovation and economic growth.

  • Providing paid family leave: We must craft policies that endorse a balanced work/life dynamic by providing mandatory paid family leave for working mothers. UBI would offer an additional layer of financial support during such leaves, ensuring women do not face economic hardship during these crucial times.

  • Providing paid menstrual leave: Recognizing that the menstrual cycle can be accompanied by physical discomfort that may interfere with work productivity, it's crucial to provide employees with additional support through paid menstrual leave. UBI can serve as a buffer, compensating for any potential income loss during this period.

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