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Dad. Millennial. Entrepreneur.

For California's 30th District

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Meet JB

Meet Josh

Josh Bocanegra is a proud father, entrepreneur, and founder of Persona, where he developed award-winning technologies for some of the most influential brands in the world.


Josh's life embodies the belief that curiosity fuels growth. Born at the dawn of the digital age, his early interaction with a computer ignited a lifelong passion for learning.

At 9 years old, Josh's educational journey took a self-directed turn. He taught himself audio engineering and computer programming, serving as living proof that self-education can defy convention and exceed traditional boundaries.


His mother, recognizing the inadequacies of the conventional education system, encouraged Josh's self-education, nurturing his intrinsic curiosity​.

When the 2008 financial crisis struck, Josh was 18, and had just became a father. This forced him to mature quickly and focus on providing for his daughter, instilling in him a relentless determination to succeed​.

Josh and Hollywood strike.HEIC
Josh and Hollywood strike.HEIC

With only $300 and a dream, Josh daringly ventured to Los Angeles. Fueled by a relentless belief in a brighter future, he founded multiple thriving tech businesses, including ventures in artificial intelligence, that he continues to operate today.

Over the past decade, Josh, committed to uplifting the next generation, has mentored hundreds of young people across various domains. He has offered his expertise free of charge, spending years filling gaps in our educational system, one life at a time.

Today, Josh recognizes the profound influence of government policies on people's lives and has chosen to tackle the political system's dysfunction by running for U.S. Congress.

30th District

Located in the heart of Los Angeles County, the 30th Congressional District stretches from West Hollywood to Pasadena and Echo Park to the Angeles National Forest.


It is known for its cultural diversity and array of communities, including Burbank, Hollywood, and Pasadena, among others.

This district hosts Southern California's unique cultural and entertainment spots like Disney Studios, Griffith Observatory, Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Universal Studios Hollywood.


It also offers higher education opportunities through institutions like Los Angeles City College and Emerson College.

The U.S. Census data highlights the district's diverse population, including large Latino, Asian-American, and Armenian-American communities.

To see if you live in Josh Bocanegra's District, currently occupied by Representative Schiff, please click here.

As Congressman, Josh will concentrate on economic justice, enhancing educational opportunities, expanding affordable housing, ensure safer communities, and fight for small businesses, all while standing firm against partisan influences.

The primary election falls on March 5th, 2024. Voting for Josh is crucial, but your involvement today - whether through volunteering, donating to the campaign, or other support - is equally vital to realizing our shared vision.

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