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Meet Josh
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Josh Bocanegra for Congress in California's 30th district,



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Running as an Independent, Josh Bocanegra unites entrepreneurial spirit with the liberty to champion policies, free from any party affiliation. With specialized expertise in AI, he’s dedicated to ethical and responsible technology policies that drive California and the nation toward genuine, lasting change.

His focus is on modernizing outdated systems in education, healthcare, housing, and immigration. His goals stretch far beyond a mere congressional seat; he is committed to reforming key facets of our economy and societal structure, ensuring a more efficient and responsive government.

Casting a vote for Josh is a step toward empowering people and making the California dream possible for all.



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Dad. Entrepreneur. Nerd.

Josh Bocanegra is a proud father, entrepreneur, and founder of Persona, where he developed award-winning technologies for some of the most influential brands in the world.


Over the past decade, Josh, committed to uplifting the next generation, has mentored hundreds of young people across various domains. He has offered his expertise free of charge, spending years filling gaps in our educational system, one life at a time.

Today, Josh recognizes the profound influence of government policies on people's lives and has chosen to tackle the political system's dysfunction by running for U.S. Congress.

​As Congressman, Josh will concentrate on economic justice, enhancing educational opportunities, expanding affordable housing, ensure safer communities, and fight for small businesses, all while standing firm against partisan influences.

The primary election falls on March 5th, 2024. Voting for Josh is crucial, but your involvement today - whether through volunteering, donating to the campaign, or other support - is equally vital to realizing our shared vision.

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