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Meet Josh
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Josh is a Democrat of Puerto Rican descent, championing innovative measures to advance California and our nation. He maintains that by harnessing the power of technology and overhauling archaic systems, we can tackle entrenched issues and lay the groundwork for a brighter future.


Josh believes a key part of this future is Universal Basic Income (UBI), a policy that will provide an unconditional $1,000 a month for all citizens. He supports UBI as a way to offset the impacts of automation, ensuring everyone has a basic level of financial security and fostering a more resilient and inclusive economy.

Josh is not just running for Congress; he's running to redefine our economy and our society. His vision is a California where no one is left behind, and a nation where each citizen contributes to our collective prosperity. 


Join Josh, and together, we can invest in people, transform our future, and make the California dream possible for us all.



Dad. EntrepreneurNerd.

At the age of 20, Josh moved to Los Angeles with just $300 in his pocket, determined to create a better life for himself and his family.


Against formidable odds, he didn't just survive; he thrived. He journeyed from a hopeful newcomer to a successful entrepreneur, guiding a new generation of dreamers on their paths to success along the way.


His personal journey, marked by struggle and triumph, is what fuels his conviction for a guaranteed and unconditional income. Josh understands firsthand how UBI can be a game-changer, offering the financial security that can empower people to rise above their circumstances and aspire for more.


"I'm not a career politician, but a passionate citizen, entrepreneur and father. I am running for my daughter and the future of our next generation. My own experiences and a deep concern for the issues facing our district, state, and nation are what drive me. I'm stepping forward to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to write their own success story, just as I did."

- Josh 

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