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Join our movement of entrepreneurs, working people, parents, and students ready to move California forward. 

High School Friends
Better Education For The Next Generation
Our education system is failing to prepare students for the 21st century. We must support schools that better educate children ill-served by a one-size-fits-all education model. 
Meet Josh


Entrepreneur. Parent. Nerd.

I've spent my career confronting difficult problems in a variety of industries. In the process, I have learned the power of collaboration, the value of compromise, and the importance of considering multiple perspectives in order to find solutions.


I am driven by a desire to bring these values to the Senate and to take bold action to address the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

As Senator, I will work tirelessly to support efforts to reform our education system, prioritize technological innovation, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, fight for civil rights, defend free speech, make our country a magnet for new immigrants, and work with the Senate to get things done. 


Together, we can create a brighter future for all Californians. Join me in this effort and let's make a difference.

- Josh 

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